Seminar NePoPo 18. - 19. 5.2019

Do you know what NePoPo® is?

What is NePoPo®, more precisely Bart Bellon® NePoPo®? It best describes the words of the author of this training system, Bert Bellon.

NePoPo® is a logical science-based intellectual art. NePoPo® is the language that makes communication between you and your dog a pleasant and effective way. With heart and soul.

NePoPo® philosophy is the heart and soul in every exercise. The system that guides the dog to think is innovative, innovative, confident and tenacious. Balance of balance - harmony.

Bart Bellon® NePoPo® is not only a brilliant connection between two "strengthening techniques", positive reinforcement (+ R) and negative reinforcement (-R), but it is a life and training philosophy.

It's a system of modern dog training. The NePoPo® system has been inspired by nearly 40 years of experience, including history, education, life experiences, politics and practicality.

A unique seminar on this exciting topic will be presented by some of the most experienced trainers in Central Europe, graduates of Bart Bellon® NePoPo Training School Jiří Ščučka and Piotr Kaczmarek.

The seminar will be in Czech and Polish ....

(NePoPo® is developed by Bart and Michael Bellon. The name Bart Bellon® and NePoPo® are registered trademarks of Bart and Michael Bellon.)

Place: rekreační areál Lávka Chocerady (on the web you can find accommodation and meal possibilities and price)

Accommodation and meal on request - please fill in the note in application form in case of interest.

Price for seminar: 

  • spectator 4 200 CZK (168,- EUR )
  • absolvent ATA 1st level 3 780 CZK ( 151,- EUR )
  • absolvent ATA 2nd level 3 500 CZK ( 140,- EUR )

Deadline for entries untill capacity is full.

Together will application is needed to pay for the seminar. Application form is valid only when payment is done. 

Details for payment (in CZK):

bank account number: 283897187/0300

IBAN: CZ 1503000000000283897187


Details for payment (in EURO):

bank account number: 284350781/0300

IBAN: CZ 0303000000000284350781


variable symbol: nepopo

message for receiver: "your name"

Payment via post : Jiří Ščučka - Animal Training Center, s.r.o., Onomyšl-Křečovice 7, 285 04, okr. Kutná Hora.

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Also participants give us agreement that photos taken during the workshop can be used in media (facebook, magazines, books, advertisement, calendar etc.)

STORNO - please note in case you cancel, payment is not returnable.

After sending the application form and payment we send you confirmation via email.