Jiří Ščučka - Animal Training Centre                           Regular trainings led by Jiří Ščučka – Prague, Cesky Brod – Stolmir, Krecovice – Onomysl, Kutna Hora

               Dog training courses

These courses are suitable for all dog owners and their "friendly" dogs, owners of reactive dogs or dogs with any problem. You can choose type of course according to your requirements and needs or you can have 1:1 training lessons.

In our offer you can find obedience training, defense dog training, nosework etc. Also we can help you with any problematic behaviour of your dog to make your life happier.

  • Basic courses for beginners.

The courses are suitable for beginners - you will learn basic information in dog keeping, nutrition, dog care, responsibility, basic principles in dog training in theory and obedience training in practise.

Course lenght - 8 weeks. (it´s possible to take the course with fully vaccinated puppy)

  • Advanced course

The courses are suitable for those who finished basic course or those who had any training with the dog before and need advanced obedience training or reinforce it - train and test the behaviour in more difficult real situations (city, transport etc.)

  • Individual lessons

The client sets up the topic of each lesson according to his needs and also he sets up number of lessons.

  • Dog boarding - training course without owner

Your dog stays with us. Training has two stages:

  • 1st stage - your dog is trained by our experienced trainer

  • 2ng stage - you are trained by the trainer how to work with your dog

Course lenght - 8 weeks

  • Weekend courses

Active and very intensivecourses for all dog owners
  • Obedience - defense dog training- tracking

  • Dates are announced on the web - see our event calendar
  • Defense courses, seminars or workshops

Weekend courses for all trainers and figurants.

Dates are announced on the web - see our event calendar.

Clubs or organizations can also contact us in case of interest.

  • Summer courses - dog training camps

These courses are suitable for trainers and dog owners who like to spend holidays with their dogs, for working dogs owner who want to train for any working tests or for owners who need help with problematic behaviour of their dogs that cause problems in their life or during working test. 

Courses in Prague or at client also possible.  

Please contact us on phone + 420 602 767 726

or send a message via form:

We can offer services:

  • Consultation 
  •  Individual training lessons
  • Group trainings
  • Agility
  • · Advanced dog training (obedience, defense dog training, tracking, nosework)

  • Behaviorismus - natural canine communication, problematic dog behaviour 
  • Trainings at client
  • · Electronic training collars

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