Jiří Ščučka

At the age of only 14 he began to train his first dogs. Ever since dogs have always played a major role in his life. He started with a more professional way of training at "Svazarm" and continued to train dogs during his military service too. Jiří graduated from police school and had then became a professional dog handler for the so-called "Railway, Riot and Criminal Police Office". After the velvet revolution (1989) he founded the first private dog training school in Czechoslovakia. Jiří Ščučka also takes the credit for being the first dog trainer of assistance dogs to disabled people in the Czech Republic.

After the 11/09 terrorist attacks in New York the western world became hungry for talented search and rescue dogs. Jiří did not only train such dogs on request (of the Armed Forces in the Czech Republic and elsewhere) with a great success, but had also traveled all around the world in order to find most gifted dogs for such disciplines. Nowadays, Jiří is mostly devoted to his own training school. He organizes various courses and seminars for the canine specialists as well as for the public. He is a member of the International Dog Training Association and says: "If you watch and listen to your dog carefully, the dog will talk to you..."

Jiří Ščučka - The profile

  • He began with a professional training with his first dog (a Doberman bitch) at "Svazarm" in the city of Frýdek-Místek
  • Worked as an instructor, Schutzhund training helper, and trainer at "ZO"
  • Attended a special learning programme at the training base for dog handlers in Frýdek-Místek
  • Won a regional competition of the professional dog handlers

1985 -87

  • Entered the military service where he acted mainly as a dog trainer at "VÚ 3180 Grabštejn"
  • Was awarded twice the best military dog trainer (Schutzhund Training) by the Czechoslavakian Armed Forces
  • Participated in a special parachute unit organization
  • Acted mostly as the Schutzhund helper at numerous competitions
  • Became a member of the ZKO Svazarm Committee in Frýdek-Místek
  • Began to organize first courses for the public
  • Trainer of the Doberman Club
  • Instructor at the training base for dog handlers in Frýdek-Místek
  • Professional dog handler at so-called "Railway, Riot and Criminal Police Office"


  • Official opening of the private dog training school - Dog Training Center Baruch - Jiří Ščučka


  • Was given the license to act in international competitions as the Schutzhund helper
  • responsible for the Schutzhund Training personnel selection for the MS WUSV in Hradec Králové
  • Schutzhund professional at some international championships and the Czech Republic championship
  • He started to train his first assistance dog for deaf people
  • Continued with assistance dogs training
  • Was appointed to select and train dogs for military and police forces in the Czech Rep., Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, USA, Canada, Israel, Egypt, Qatar, South Africa, China, Spain...
  • Main Schutzhund helper at the World Championship of Schnauzers in Trnová
  • Main Schutzhund helper at the World Championship of Doberman in Mělník
  • Provides a professional advise service regarding the usage of electronic collars (Dog Trace company)
  • Creates some seminars and instructing DVDs on e-collars usage in training


  • Participates in the special seminar of Dr. Helmut Raiser


  • He met and cooperated with Mr. Monty Roberts


  • Changed the location of his training school to the city of Český Brod
  • Started to publish articles in some acclaimed canine media such as Psí sporty, Lovecký pes, Psí kusy, PetMedia, Mladá Fronta
  • Continues to organize variety of courses, seminars and training sessions
  • Cooperates with Mr. Bart Bellon


  • Main referee at the 33rd annual Championship for the best dog and the best dog handler categories, organized by the Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic Championship


  • Takes part in Ken Ramirez Professional Animal Training in Rimini, Italy

  • Becomes a member of the WATA (World Animal Trainers Association)
  • The second prize winner at the competition: "The canine trainer of the year 2011", Czech Republic


  • The winner of the competition: "The canine trainer of the year 2013", Czech Rep.
  • Expert consultant to the Royal Canine of the Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • Cooperates with the Faculty of Agriculture in Prague on scientific research (Canine Behavior Research Center)


  • The winner of the competition: "The canine trainer of the year 2013", Czech Rep.

  • Lectures a special seminar for the Policy of the Czech Rep. - "Searching for the missing people with the help of dogs"
  • International Dog Breeders Convention, France


  • Expert consultant to some commercial companies: Nestle the Czech Rep., Purina

  • Was awarded a honorary title "Doctor H. C. of Motivation Psychology"
  • Participates in Ken Ramirez seminar - conducts an interview with Dr. Helmut Raiser for the magazine Psí sporty
  • Participates in Emma Parson's seminary "Click to Calm"


  • Beside the individual learning sessions he also organizes seminars and hands-on lessons for professional dog handlers and animal trainers
  • Foundation of the Jiří Ščučka - Animal Training Academy, Ltd.

  • Cooperates with Czech Radio 2 as an expert adviser to pet/dog owners

  • Publishes articles in some acclaimed canine magazines

  • Participates in the prestigious congress Clicker Expo 2016 in Denmark
  • Organizes a special seminar with Mr. Bart Bellon