Chicken camp 19. - 22. 4. 2019

Chicken Camp

Jiří Ščučka - Animal Training Center s.r.o. would like to invite you for the prolonged Easter workshop weekend in the topic of modern animal traning. We will talk about positive reinforcement, operant conditioning and many other progressive training methods.

What is Chicken camp?

Chicken camp is a workshop where you get information about a basic training methods not only for animals.

During the theoretical part you will get information how animals learn, what technique trainers use, simply the way they communicate together.

The practical part will be about chicken training. You will have chance to use and try all theoretical information you got in practice.

Why do we train with chickens?

Chickens are considered to be very "stupid" and not able to be trained. We will show you it´s not true! Chickens learn much more quicker than dogs. During the training with chickens you will have chance to try what "real" operant conditioning means. Also you see what it is like to train animals witnout manipulation, lead or voice correction.

You will know how it is with learning - the basic principles are common for all animals, doesn´t matter if we talk about aquarium fish, chicken, dog or whale. Surprisingly it is also same for us - people.

Chicken camp is for all people interested in animal training and management of their behaviour. For all people interested in psychology, training, management or children raising.

The main goal of the workshop is to introduce modern animal training methods and show you training is about playing a game with variability, planning and using basic training principles and using feedback ( between trainer and trained animal or between people)

Where: Farma Prak

Each room has its own bathroom, meal all inclusive , refreshment available on-site

Room cost: 500 CZK / person / night
50 CZK / dog in room/ night

Meal all inclusive: 320 CZK / day

In case having a dog in room, dog must be in a kennel box or safe cage. Participants are fully responsible for any damage caused by their dogs!

Start: 9:00, workshop will be adjusted to the number of participants.

Number of actively training participants with chickens and number of free rooms are limited!!!

Spectators are welcome untill the capacity is full.

Practical part will be in teams of two people, you can apply as a team or individually. For whole workshop the team will work with two same chickens to see the progress.

All training tools will be available, you need only pen and paper.


Actively training participant: 3 200 CZK / 128 EUR

Spectator: 2 100 CZK / 84 EUR


Deadline for entries untill full capacity.

Together will application is needed to pay for the workshop.

Accommodation is paid on-site.

Application form is valid only when payment is done. 

Details for payment (in CZK):

bank account number: 283897187/0300

IBAN: CZ 1503000000000283897187


Details for payment (in EURO):

bank account number: 284350781/0300

IBAN: CZ 0303000000000284350781


variable symbol: chicken camp

message for receiver: "your name"

Payment via post :

Jiří Ščučka - Animal Training Center, s.r.o., Onomyšl-Křečovice 7, 285 04, okr. Kutná Hora.

By sending the application form and payment the participant agrees with these terms and conditions.

Also participants give us agreement that photos taken during the workshop can be used in media (facebook, magazines, books, advertisement, calendar etc.)

After sending the application form and payment we send you confirmation via email.

Looking forward to the workshop with you!